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365 Days of Hoodoo

365 Days of Hoodoo

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"365 Days of Hoodoo" by Stephanie Rose Bird is a comprehensive and practical guide that takes readers on a year-long journey into the bold spiritual tradition of Hoodoo. This do-it-yourself guide is designed to help individuals enhance their well-being and address everyday challenges through the use of spells, rites, recipes, mojos, and curios. With a daily format, the book gradually builds the reader's knowledge of Hoodoo, providing essential components for practice and exploring ways to enrich various aspects of life.

Key Features:

  • Daily Format: The book is structured as a year-long guide, providing daily insights, spells, and practices to gradually build the reader's knowledge and proficiency in Hoodoo.

  • Basics of Hoodoo: Starts with the basics of Hoodoo, ensuring that even beginners can understand and engage with the spiritual tradition.

  • Enriching Your Life: Learn how to use Hoodoo to master aspects of your life that may seem out of control, and discover ways to improve love, prosperity, protection, and more.

  • Lore, Prayers, Potions, Altars, Baths, and Meditations: The book features a rich array of content, including folklore, prayers, potions, guidance on creating altars, instructions for spiritual baths, and meditation practices.

  • Comprehensive Resource: With 432 pages, "365 Days of Hoodoo" serves as a comprehensive resource for those looking to delve into the practice of Hoodoo and incorporate its principles into their daily lives.

Whether you are new to Hoodoo or seeking to deepen your understanding, Stephanie Rose Bird's guide provides a structured and accessible approach to the spiritual tradition. "365 Days of Hoodoo" empowers readers to enrich their lives, solve problems, and build a meaningful connection with Hoodoo practices over the course of a year.

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