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Appalachian Folk Healing

Appalachian Folk Healing

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"Ossman & Steel’s Guide to Health," originally titled "Household Instructor," is a compilation of spells, remedies, and charms rooted in the old Pennsylvania Dutch and German powwow healing practices. These practices have significantly influenced Appalachian folk healing, conjure, rootwork, and various folk healing traditions in America. In this guide, Jake Richards, the author of "Backwoods Witchcraft" and "Doctoring the Devil," contextualizes these remedies and offers practical advice for modern-day practitioners interested in incorporating these traditional healing practices.

Key Features:

  • Pennsylvania Dutch and German Powwow Healing: Explore the rich tradition of Pennsylvania Dutch and German powwow healing practices, which have left a lasting impact on American folk healing traditions.

  • Appalachian Folk Healing: Understand how these healing practices have shaped Appalachian folk healing, conjure, and rootwork.

  • Spells and Charms for Healing: The first part of the guide contains spells and charms for a wide range of healing purposes, including wounds, styes, broken bones, maladies, and various illnesses.

  • Folk Remedies with Sympathetic Reasoning: The second part delves into folk remedies that use ingredients based on sympathetic reasoning. These remedies cover issues such as swelling, toothache, headache, and more.

  • Historical Insights: Gain historical insights into folk medicine's evolution in America, offering a valuable perspective on the roots of traditional healing practices.

  • Practical Advice for Modern Practitioners: Jake Richards provides practical advice for modern practitioners interested in incorporating these traditional healing practices into their work.

  • Reintroduction of a Household Helper: The guide aims to reintroduce this valuable work as a useful household helper in the libraries of witches, country healers, and anyone interested in folk medicine.

  • 152 Pages: The guide spans 152 pages, providing a concise yet comprehensive exploration of folk healing wisdom.

By delving into "Ossman & Steel’s Guide to Health," readers can uncover a treasure trove of folk healing wisdom, reconnecting with age-old practices that continue to resonate in contemporary magical and healing traditions.

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