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Art of Making Mojos by Catherine Yronwode

Art of Making Mojos by Catherine Yronwode

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"Art of Making Mojos" by Catherine Yronwode is a treasure trove of accurate, authentic, and easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through crafting and working with various hoodoo folk magic traditions, including Conjure Hands, Trick Bags, Tobies, Gree-Grees, Jomos, Jacks, and Nation Sacks. This insightful guide provides down-home methods for creating and utilizing these magical tools, offering practical advice for a variety of purposes within the hoodoo tradition.

Key Contents:

  • Down-home Methods for Making Conjure Bags: Learn authentic techniques for creating Conjure Bags, a fundamental aspect of hoodoo folk magic.

  • How to Select Your Herbs, Roots, and Curios: Gain insights into the selection process for herbs, roots, and curios, empowering you to choose ingredients for your magical workings.

  • Dressing and Feeding a Mojo for Any Purpose: Discover the art of dressing and feeding a mojo bag to enhance its potency for various magical purposes.

  • Lucky Mojo Hands for Winning Games of Chance: Explore the creation and use of Lucky Mojo Hands designed to bring luck in games of chance.

  • Jomos for Money Drawing and Business Success: Learn the techniques for crafting Jomos specifically aimed at attracting money and ensuring success in business.

  • Uncrossing, Healing, and Jinx-Breaking Hands: Delve into the creation of mojo bags tailored for uncrossing, healing, and breaking jinxes.

  • Tobies for Attraction, Sexuality, and Love: Understand the art of crafting Tobies to enhance attraction, sexuality, and love in your life.

  • Mojos to Rule or Control Your Associates: Explore the creation of mojo bags designed for ruling or controlling your associates.

  • Bed and Mattress Packets to Bless the Home: Learn the ritualistic creation of bed and mattress packets to bring blessings to your home.

  • How to Make Nation Sacks and Jack Balls: Gain insights into the creation of Nation Sacks and Jack Balls for various magical purposes.


  • Author: Catherine Yronwode
  • Pages: 96 pages

"Art of Making Mojos" serves as a comprehensive guide for practitioners interested in the rich traditions of hoodoo folk magic, offering practical instructions and wisdom to empower your magical workings.

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