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Arcane Arcadia

Backyard Garden Witchery

Backyard Garden Witchery

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Step into the enchanting world of garden magick and cultivate your own sacred oasis with Laurel Woodward's captivating guide, Backyard Garden Witchery. Overflowing with over eighty spells, recipes, and activities, this book is your key to nurturing a biodiverse garden teeming with life and energy.

Key Features:

  • Holistic Garden Care: Learn how to forge a deep connection with the natural world as you tend to your garden with care and reverence. From understanding plant energies to nurturing land spirits, explore the sacred art of gardening as a spiritual practice.

  • Practical Wisdom: Delve into the essentials of garden maintenance, including tips for cultivating herb, vegetable, and flower gardens tailored to your home's soil and hardiness zone. Discover the magic of working in harmony with nature to create thriving ecosystems in your backyard sanctuary.

  • Comprehensive Plant Guide: From common weeds to culinary herbs and perennial favorites, Backyard Garden Witchery serves as your botanical companion, providing invaluable insights into a wide array of garden plants. Whether you're seeking herbs for healing, meditation, or spellwork, you'll find everything you need to design your perfect green space.

Unlock the secrets of garden magick and transform your backyard into a sanctuary of beauty and wonder with Backyard Garden Witchery. With 408 pages of enchanting wisdom and measuring 7.5 x 0.89 x 9.25 inches, this book is a treasure trove of inspiration waiting to be unearthed. Delight in the wonders of nature as you cultivate a space that nourishes your soul and deepens your connection to the earth.

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