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Big Book of Tarot Meanings by Swan Treasure

Big Book of Tarot Meanings by Swan Treasure

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Tired of vague interpretations that leave your tarot readings feeling generic? Look no further than 'The Big Book of Tarot Meanings.' This comprehensive guide dismantles the complexity of each card by categorizing them into eight key aspects, spanning from Beginnings to Outcomes, providing both upright and reversed meanings.

Say goodbye to the frustration of deciphering generic descriptions in other beginner tarot books. Here, you'll discover precise interpretations tailored to your specific questions.

But that's not all – 'The Big Book of Tarot Meanings' takes it a step further by addressing the age-old question of how to apply this newfound knowledge to your daily life. Each card's interpretation, whether upright or reversed, comes with a practical action item to help you integrate tarot wisdom into your everyday experiences.

With an easy-to-read format, this 8.05" x 10" paperback book spans 256 pages, making it an indispensable tool for both beginners and experienced tarot enthusiasts alike. Uncover the depth of tarot symbolism and its real-world applications with this insightful guide.

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