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Book of Celtic Magic by Kristoffer Hughes

Book of Celtic Magic by Kristoffer Hughes

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Embark on an illuminating journey into an ancient mystical current that spans millennia – The Book of Celtic Magic. Within these pages, you'll unlock the profound potency of practical magic, steeped in the transformative essence of ancient Celtica. Renowned Druid priest Kristoffer Hughes extends a warm invitation to explore the rich pantheon, captivating myths, and enchanting magic of his homeland, Wales.

Unearth the mystical companions, gods, goddesses, and the spirits of the land that form the bedrock of this vibrant tradition. Engage in sacred rituals designed to forge a closer connection with the divine energies residing within the very trees, plants, and animals that envelop your world. Master spells, conjurations, invocations, and the use of mystical tools meticulously crafted from authentic Celtic sources, allowing you to tap into the profound wisdom of this age-old tradition.

This comprehensive guide, complete with practical exercises and an illuminating glossary, serves as your indispensable companion on your journey into the heart of authentic Celtic magic. Kristoffer Hughes offers a step-by-step manual, providing seekers of all levels with the key to unlocking the ancient and powerful forces of Celtic mysticism.

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