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Arcane Arcadia

The Book of Four Occult Philosophers

The Book of Four Occult Philosophers

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Embark on a journey through three centuries of magical development with "The Book of Four Occult Philosophers." In this priceless volume, occult philosophers Robert Cross Smith (Raphael), Olivia Serres (Princess Olive), Thomas Harrington, and an unknown contributor known as "W" have compiled charms, seals, talismans, and magical wisdom. Now, Daniel Harms presents this exceptional work in a comprehensive edition, complete with expert transcriptions, annotations, and translations of the original English, Latin, and Welsh content.

Key Features:

  • Historical Manuscript: Preserving the red and black text of the original handwritten manuscript, this book unveils centuries' worth of magical secrets compiled by four occult philosophers.

  • Magical Operations: Explore a diverse range of magical operations, including spells, rituals, passages about fairies, astrology, numerology, demon conjuring, and much more.

  • Illustrations: The book features hundreds of illustrations meticulously replicated by S. Aldarnay, providing visual insights into ceremonial magic.

  • Practical Wisdom: Learn historical spells and rituals, discover how to bind a spirit, attract a female familiar, find the virtue of mandrakes, and delve into various magical practices.

  • Collector's Edition: This edition is a collector's delight, offering a complete translation of the oldest occult manuscript in the world.

  • Comprehensive Format: Presented in a 7.25 x 10.25 hardcover format, the book spans 648 pages, making it an extensive and valuable addition to any collection of occult works.

Unlock the mysteries of ceremonial magic and delve into the profound wisdom contained within "The Book of Four Occult Philosophers." Daniel Harms' meticulous work brings this historical manuscript to life, offering readers a unique opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of magical lore preserved within its pages.

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