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Arcane Arcadia

Crystal Witch by Robbins & Greenaway

Crystal Witch by Robbins & Greenaway

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Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway's book, a follow-up to their popular "Wiccapedia" and other titles in the Modern Witch series, delves into the world of crystal magick and spells. In this authoritative and in-depth guide, they cover various aspects of crystal craft, including how it works, selecting and collecting magickal stones, caring for crystals, and harnessing their energy through charging and programming.

The authors also explore topics such as crystal circles, wands, and sabbats, providing an A–Z list of commonly used crystals along with their magical properties. The book features a wide range of spells, encompassing protection, healing, mindfulness, blessings, and divination. Readers will discover how to integrate crystals and gemstones into their daily rituals and leverage the power of healing crystal magick to enhance their lives. This 6" x 7" hardcover book comprises 304 pages of valuable insights and practical guidance.

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