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Arcane Arcadia

The Dictionary of Demons

The Dictionary of Demons

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Enter a realm where darkness reigns and secrets lurk in the shadows. The Dictionary of Demons invites you on a journey into the depths of demonology, offering an exhaustive exploration of the dark entities that haunt human consciousness.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Scope: This limited-print-run, tenth-anniversary hardcover edition expands upon the groundbreaking first edition, presenting readers with over two hundred additional demons, new essays, appendices, and over fifty extra illustrations. With meticulous research and deep scholarship, this edition sets a new standard for demonological studies.

  • Comprehensive Information: Within its pages, you'll find detailed entries on more than 1,700 demons, cross-referenced for easy navigation. Discover their duties, appearances, and original sources, accompanied by insightful notes on select grimoires and reference materials.

  • Exquisite Presentation: Presented in an 8.4" x 10.1" format, this edition boasts 480 pages of meticulously curated content, housed within a beautifully crafted hardcover. From its elegant design to its richly detailed illustrations, every aspect of The Dictionary of Demons speaks to its status as an essential tome for scholars and practitioners alike.

Delve into the shadows and uncover the secrets of the infernal realms with The Dictionary of Demons. Whether you're a seasoned demonologist or an intrepid explorer of the occult, this definitive volume promises to enlighten and enthrall with its unparalleled depth and insight.

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