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Arcane Arcadia

Herbana Witch by Cecilia Lattari

Herbana Witch by Cecilia Lattari

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"Herbana Witch" takes you on a year-long journey through the changing seasons, offering magical and healing practices, insights into spirit animals, and a deep connection to the subtle energies of the natural world. The book begins with the winter solstice and guides you through the forest's transformations with each passing season.

Each chapter immerses you in the unique atmosphere of the forest during a particular season and provides meditations, visualizations, rituals, and a seasonal recipe that incorporates ingredients found in the forest during that time. The author also shares guidance on selecting and using woodland herbs, transforming them for personal use, and creating crafts like incense, soaps, candles, and more from these natural resources.

As you explore the wisdom of the forest's inhabitants, you'll gain access to a magical world that exists at the edge of the woods. This hardcover book measures 6.8" x 9.5" and contains 160 pages of enchanting knowledge and practices to deepen your connection with nature.

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