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Learning the Tarot for Beginners by Joan Bunning

Learning the Tarot for Beginners by Joan Bunning

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Unlock the secrets of the tarot with this comprehensive course, 'Learning the Tarot,' designed for those seeking personal guidance and spiritual insight. This course spans 19 lessons, providing a thorough foundation in tarot, from the basics to more advanced concepts. Each lesson is thoughtfully structured with exercises and sample responses to facilitate your learning and practice.

Throughout the course, you'll work with a single, user-friendly layout—the Celtic Cross Spread—to keep things simple and accessible. 'Learning the Tarot' goes beyond memorization; it delves into the art of discovering profound meanings within the cards. Lessons explore essential topics like interpreting individual cards, identifying card pairs, and crafting the narrative of a tarot reading.

Whether you're a novice or have some tarot experience, this course offers a structured path to mastering the art of tarot reading. Uncover the richness of tarot symbolism and tap into the wisdom of the cards with 'Learning the Tarot.

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