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Magickal Astrology by Skye Alexander

Magickal Astrology by Skye Alexander

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Astrology and magick serve as profound links between the cosmic energies and our earthly existence. They are potent tools for not only comprehending our role in the universe but also for harnessing its energies to shape the life we desire. In "Magickal Astrology," you'll embark on a transformative journey to deepen your connection with the magickal forces that surround you.

Within the pages of this book, you'll uncover the art of assessing your birth chart, empowering you to understand your unique cosmic fingerprint. You'll learn to craft your very own magickal toolbox and harness the power of planetary cycles, solar and lunar energies, eclipses, and much more. This book is your gateway to a world where you can align with the mystical forces of the cosmos, gain insights into your true self, and create the life you've always dreamed of living.

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