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Mexican Sorcery

Mexican Sorcery

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"Mexican Sorcery" unveils the rich tradition of Mexican witchcraft, or brujeria, with a focus on its practice in the rural areas of Mexico. This comprehensive guide, written by Davila, a practicing bruja de Rancho with a multi-generational family tradition, sheds light on the healing, divinatory, and justice-imparting powers of brujos de Rancho. Delving into the beliefs and practices of Brujeria and Hechiceria (sorcery), this book offers insights into a tradition deeply rooted in Mexican culture.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Guide to Brujeria: Explore the integral role of brujeria in traditional Mexican culture, particularly in rural areas, where brujos de Rancho serve as healers, advisors, and practitioners of folk magic.

  • Multi-Generational Tradition: Written by a practicing bruja de Rancho, Davila shares insights from a family tradition that spans generations, offering an authentic perspective on the practices of spell work, cleansings (limpias), herbs, talismans, and more.

  • Folk Catholicism Integration: Discover the integration of folk Catholicism within brujeria, making the tradition accessible to Pagans, non-Catholics, and practitioners of Hoodoo and Conjure.

  • Practical Topics Covered: Gain practical knowledge on spell work, cleansings, herbal practices, talismans, and protection against the Evil Eye. Learn how to cast, break, and avert hexes and curses.

  • Accessible to a Diverse Audience: Whether you're new to brujeria or an experienced practitioner, the book offers insights that cater to a diverse audience interested in folk magic and traditional healing.

  • Page Count: With 224 pages, the book provides a thorough exploration of Mexican witchcraft, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to understand and practice this ancient tradition.

"Mexican Sorcery" invites readers into the world of Mexican witchcraft, offering a blend of cultural insights, practical techniques, and a connection to a rich multi-generational tradition.

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