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Arcane Arcadia

Mountain Conjure and Southern Root Work

Mountain Conjure and Southern Root Work

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Explore the rich traditions of Southern root magic and conjure with folk magic conjurer and root worker Orion Foxwood. Drawing from his upbringing in rural Appalachia, Foxwood invites readers on a journey through moonlit orchards, rural farms, and the mystical crossroads, where the secrets of Southern magic await discovery.

Key Features:

  • Working by the Signs: Learn the art of synchronizing work with natural cycles, including farming, fertility, and orcharding, to harness the power of the land and the seasons.

  • Faith Healing: Discover the practices of faith healing, which draw upon spiritual faith and divine intervention to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Settling the Light: Explore the practice of candle magic, also known as "settling the light," which involves using candles to focus intention, manifest desires, and create positive change.

  • Doctoring the Root: Delve into the ancient art of doctoring the root, which involves using herbs, roots, stones, or animal parts for magical purposes, including clearing, cleansing, and blessing individuals or spaces.

  • Praying or Dreaming True: Learn about blessings and prophetic dreaming, where prayers and dreams serve as channels for divine guidance, insight, and foresight in navigating life's challenges and opportunities.

  • Blessing or Cursing: Understand the principles of blessing and cursing, and how to effectively channel spiritual energies to bring blessings or protective measures, as well as to ward off negative influences or harm.

  • Informative Content: With 256 pages of in-depth exploration, Mountain Conjure and Southern Root Work offers a comprehensive guide to the practices, rituals, and traditions of Appalachian folk magic. From working with natural elements to invoking spiritual forces, this book provides valuable insights and practical techniques for modern practitioners.

  • Foreword by Mat Auryn: This new edition includes a foreword by Mat Auryn, author of "Psychic Witch," offering additional perspectives and insights into the practice of Southern root work and its relevance in contemporary magical traditions.

  • Accessible Format: Presented in a 5.98" x 9.02" paperback format, this book is accessible to readers of all levels, whether you're new to Appalachian folk magic or seeking to deepen your understanding of Southern root work.

Embark on a journey into the heart of Appalachian folk magic with Mountain Conjure and Southern Root Work and discover the timeless wisdom and transformative power of Southern traditions passed down through generations.

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