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Arcane Arcadia

Mountain Magic by Rebecca Beyer

Mountain Magic by Rebecca Beyer

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Explore the rich magical traditions of Appalachia and the American backwoods with expert witch and forager Rebecca Beyer as your guide. Delve into a realm where the power of place, land, and nature intertwine to form a deeply rooted magical heritage. In this enchanting guide, you'll uncover a wealth of wisdom and practices drawn from European, Native American, and African American folk magic traditions, honed over generations by Appalachian witches.

Key Features:

  • Magical Herbalism: Discover the medicinal and magical properties of common plants and herbs found in the Appalachian region, and learn how to harness their power for healing, protection, and spiritual enhancement.

  • Traditional Practices: Meet the diverse range of magical practitioners of Appalachia, from Blood Stoppers to Water Witches, and explore their time-honored rituals, charms, and curses passed down through the ages.

  • Seasonal Wisdom: Follow the lore of the stars and seasons to align with the natural rhythms of the earth, empowering yourself to grow and thrive in harmony with the cycles of nature.

  • Enchanted Lore: Immerse yourself in the magical lore surrounding the weather, seasons, moon phases, and celestial movements, and uncover the hidden meanings and mystical significance embedded in these natural phenomena.

  • Beautifully Illustrated Guide: Enhance your journey with captivating illustrations that bring the enchanting landscape of the backwoods to life, providing visual inspiration and guidance on your magical path.

  • Comprehensive Book: A 5.75" x 8.55" hardcover book with 160 pages, offering in-depth insights into the magical traditions and practices of Appalachia.

Journey through the enchanted landscape of the backwoods with this beautifully illustrated guide and learn how to integrate the wisdom and magic of ancestral traditions into your modern life. Embrace the nourishing power of the natural world as you cultivate a magical practice deeply rooted in the timeless traditions of Appalachia.

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