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Pendulum Magic by Fortuna Noir

Pendulum Magic by Fortuna Noir

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Harness the potent energy of the pendulum and unlock guidance from the spirit world with this petite yet powerful reference guide. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of magic, Pendulum Magic provides essential techniques for dowsing and divination, making it an indispensable tool for every witch's practice.

Key Features:

  • Directing Your Inner Power: Learn how to tap into the power within you and channel it through the pendulum, allowing you to receive clear guidance and insights from the spiritual realm.

  • Balancing Chakras and Clearing Negative Energies: Discover rituals, meditations, and methods for balancing chakras and clearing negative energies, empowering you to create a harmonious and energetically vibrant environment.

  • Hands-On Practices: Explore a variety of spells and approaches for hands-on practices, accompanied by beautiful illustrations, allowing you to master the powers of the world and deepen your connection to the mystical arts.

  • Magical Ritual Example:

    • Manifesting Goals
      • Gather your pendulum, pen and paper, and jasper quartz for motivation.
      • Ask: "Am I ready to achieve this goal right now?"
        • Envision the realization of your goal and keep it in mind if the pendulum gives a positive answer.
        • If the pendulum says yes more than once, proceed to the next step.
      • Ask: "Is this the goal I should start with?"
        • If yes, carry the jasper with you as you take the first steps toward achieving the goal or until it has been fulfilled.

Let the pendulum be your guide in the mystical world, guiding you toward clarity, insight, and manifestation. Pendulum Magic is a hardcover book measuring 4.6" x 5.55" and containing 160 pages of wisdom and guidance for your magical journey.

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