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Practical Angel Magic of Dr. John Dee's Enochian Tables

Practical Angel Magic of Dr. John Dee's Enochian Tables

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Dive into the clandestine world of angelic magic with this treasured tome, meticulously crafted from two elusive seventeenth-century manuscripts. Within its pages lies the definitive edition of John Dee's renowned tables, alongside an expanded rendition of his revered compendium of invocations.

Key Features:

  • Unlock Dee's Legacy: Explore the journey of John Dee's seminal manuscript, his personal book of angelic invocations, and unravel the mysteries of its evolution by magicians of the seventeenth century. Discover how this profound magical system was meticulously refined, offering insights into the esoteric arts of the past.

  • Revealing Lost Knowledge: Delve into the depths of angelic magic, unearthing secrets that were once concealed from the world. Learn of the suppression that befell a portion of this invaluable material, hidden from the pages of Israel Regardie's monumental work on the rituals of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

  • A Gateway to Arcane Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the pages of this 7" x 9.8" hardcover volume, spanning 296 pages of esoteric revelation. Engage with a rich tapestry of angelic lore and mystical practices, beckoning you to unlock the secrets of the ages.

Embark on a journey of discovery and illumination, as you delve into the depths of angelic magic and unveil the hidden truths of centuries past. This coveted hardcover edition stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of John Dee and the enigmatic world of angelic invocations, beckoning seekers of arcane wisdom to unveil its mysteries.

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