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Shaman Heart, Sacred Rebel by Jones & Pajer

Shaman Heart, Sacred Rebel by Jones & Pajer

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From natural disasters to personal struggles, from familial conflicts to global crises, the unspoken yearning for transformation is palpable in every corner of our lives. It's an invitation, extended to each of us, to consciously transition from one stage of existence, both individually and collectively, into a new and awakened way of being. The world, in all its facets, is in need of our mindful attention to evolve.

This profound longing and sacred yearning found its voice and response in the hearts of 25 exceptional teachers, visionaries, and authors. They converged in the potent energy of Teotihuacan, Mexico, embarking on an initiatory journey to heed the call for transformation.

Within the pages of this 6" x 9" paperback book spanning 313 pages, you'll explore their collective wisdom and the profound insights they gained in response to life's persistent cry for change. Join them in embracing the sacred ache and answering the universal call to transform and evolve in a world in need of healing and renewal.

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