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Spirit Work Primer

Spirit Work Primer

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The words "Invocation," "Evocation," and "Possession" often evoke feelings of unease and confusion among magical practitioners. In "A Spirit Work Primer," Naag Loki Shivanath, a spirit worker and necromancer, serves as a knowledgeable guide and teacher, demystifying these often misunderstood subjects. This book is a comprehensive guide that offers a sophisticated yet practical system for spirit conjuration, making it an invaluable resource for practitioners seeking to deepen their connection with the spirit world.

Key Features:

  • Expert Guidance: Naag Loki Shivanath, a seasoned spirit worker and necromancer, provides expert guidance and instruction on spirit conjuration.

  • Sharpening Spirit Senses: Learn how to sharpen your spirit senses, enhancing your ability to connect with and perceive the spirit world.

  • Safe Spirit Practices: Discover safe and effective practices for spirit possession, ensuring a secure and beneficial experience in your magical work.

  • Ritualized Manifestations: Whether you follow ritualized manifestations of the magical arts or are a Witch seeking to deepen your practice with the spirit world, this primer offers valuable insights.

  • Comprehensive System: The book presents a comprehensive system for spirit invocation, evocation, and possession, offering practical techniques and methodologies.

  • Reference for Practitioners: "A Spirit Work Primer" serves as a reference guide that practitioners can return to time and time again in their magical journey.

  • 5.5" x 8.5" Paperback: The book is presented in a convenient paperback format, measuring 5.5" x 8.5" and containing 200 pages of valuable content.

If you've been eager to explore and master the arts of spirit invocation, evocation, and possession, "A Spirit Work Primer" provides the insights and practical knowledge needed to navigate these mystical practices with confidence.

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