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Arcane Arcadia

Star Magic by Sandra Kynes

Star Magic by Sandra Kynes

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Join Sandra Kynes on an extraordinary odyssey through the cosmos in this newly revised and updated edition of her book, 'Star Magic.' This book offers a truly unique approach to magic, drawing inspiration from the mythology and folklore of the stars themselves, as well as the constellations, to enrich and empower our magical practices.

Within the pages of 'Star Magic,' readers will discover the art of enhancing astral travel or soul flight, guided by the potent energy of the stars. The book unveils a fascinating technique for creating a spiraling vortex of star power, along with an array of spells and other magical workings that resonate with the celestial wonders above.

Measuring 6" x 9" and spanning 368 pages, this paperback edition is your portal to a realm where the sparkling sky becomes a source of inspiration and empowerment for your magical journey. Sandra Kynes invites you to explore the cosmos and uncover the secrets of 'Star Magic' as you delve into the enchanting world of stellar mysticism.

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