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Arcane Arcadia

Witches' Way by Leanna Greenaway

Witches' Way by Leanna Greenaway

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This beautifully illustrated guide to witchcraft is a valuable resource for Wiccans seeking to deepen their knowledge and practice. It offers in-depth explorations of various aspects of witchcraft, providing insights into hedge witches, druids, and the use of cosmic helpers such as angels, gods, goddesses, and spirit guides in spellwork.

The book also delves into nature magic, including practices like drawing down the moon and harnessing the power of psychic plants. It covers ways to tap into cosmic energy, develop your intuition, master tarot reading, work with angel numbers, and explore spiritual astrology.

Additionally, an FAQ section at the end of the book addresses common questions about witchcraft. This hardcover guide measures 5.8" x 6.5" and contains 320 pages filled with knowledge and wisdom.

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