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Vibrant Orange Chime Candles - 20 pack

Vibrant Orange Chime Candles - 20 pack

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Infuse your space with vibrant energy using Orange Chime Candles, each measuring 4" x 1/2". Traditionally associated with strength, fire, and the sun, these candles bring forth fiery energy that kindles joy and kindness. Orange chime candles are particularly effective for intentions related to:

  • Strength: Invoke the powerful and invigorating energy of orange for inner strength.

  • Fire Element: Connect with the element of fire to fuel your passion and creativity.

  • Joy and Kindness: Harness the vibrant energy of orange to promote joy and kindness.

Illuminate your rituals and candle magic with the warm and energetic glow of Orange Chime Candles, allowing the radiant properties of orange to inspire positivity and vitality.

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