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Arcane Arcadia

Enhancing Purple Chime Candles - 20 pack

Enhancing Purple Chime Candles - 20 pack

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Unleash the power of the mind with Purple Chime Candles, each measuring 4" x 1/2". These candles bring the influence of the mind to your candle magic and spells, aiding in unlocking psychic potential and exploring uncharted paths. Purple chime candles are especially beneficial for intentions related to:

  • Psychic Potential: Harness the energy of purple to enhance psychic abilities and intuition.

  • Wisdom: Use purple candles to seek wisdom and insight in spiritual pursuits.

  • Exploration: Channel the mind-expanding properties of purple to explore new paths and perspectives.

Illuminate your sacred space with the transformative energy of Purple Chime Candles, allowing the color of the mind to guide you on your mystical journey.

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