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Arcane Arcadia

Silver Chime Candles - 20 pack

Silver Chime Candles - 20 pack

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Infuse your magical practices with the enchanting energy of Silver Chime Candles, each measuring 4" x 1/2". These candles harness the lunar qualities, bringing the magic of the feminine divine to your rituals. Silver chime candles are particularly useful for intentions related to:

  • Feminine Divine: Connect with the nurturing and intuitive aspects of the feminine divine.

  • Prosperity: Harness the energy of silver for spells and rituals aimed at attracting prosperity and abundance.

  • Dream Magic: Use silver candles to enhance dream magic, aiding in dream recall and exploration.

  • Exploring Mysteries: Tap into the mystical qualities of silver to explore hidden mysteries and intuitive insights.

Illuminate your sacred space with the subtle yet powerful influence of Silver Chime Candles, enhancing your connection to the lunar energies and the mysteries of the divine feminine.

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