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Harmonia Magic Mini Candles

Harmonia Magic Mini Candles

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Introducing the Harmonia Magic Mini Candles, available in a box of 20, each measuring 5 1/2". Choose from an array of colors to enhance your candle magic and rituals:

  • Yellow: Representing solar energies, clarity of thought, communication, and learning, these yellow chime candles offer a potent addition to your candle magic and spells.

  • White: Symbolizing purity and peace, white chime candles are ideal for invoking happiness, strength, and adding potency to protection spells.

  • Red: The color of the element of fire, red chime candles are often used to invoke passion, love, and desire, making them powerful in candle magic rituals.

  • Pink: Associated with emotion in magic, pink chime candles are a wonderful tool for invoking and inspiring emotions in your candle magic and spells.

  • Orange: Traditionally used as symbols of strength, fire, and the sun, orange chime candles kindle joy and kindness with their fiery energy.

  • Lilac: Offering the softer aspects of the magical properties of lilac, these candles are a warm addition to a variety of candle magic and spells.

  • Light Blue: Representing the element of water, light blue chime candles are associated with healing, health, tranquility, understanding, and softness.

  • Gray: Powerful additions when seeking neutrality, middle ground, and for Goddess, Moon, mystery, instincts, and the feminine.

  • Dark Blue: Associated with the element of water, healing, tranquility, sleep, dreams, and truthfulness, these candles are useful in cleansing, healing, and prophetic candle magic.

  • Chakra: Contains 2 of each of red, orange, yellow, light blue, and 3 of each of green, dark blue, purple, and white.

  • Black: Great for all manner of protection, balancing spells, and rituals.

Select the colors that resonate with your intentions and let the Harmonia Magic Mini Candles illuminate and amplify your magical practices.

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