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72-Pack of Household Candles

72-Pack of Household Candles

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Introducing our versatile set of 72 Household Candles, designed to elevate your candle magic and spellwork. These 4" candles come in a variety of colors, each carrying unique energies associated with clarity, communication, and learning. Standing approximately 4" tall with a 3/4" base, these candles provide a potent addition to your mystical practices. Choose from an array of colors, including black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Set of 72 Candles: This set offers a multitude of candles to enhance your magical practices, allowing for a variety of spellwork, rituals, and intentions.

  • 4" Height with 3/4" Base: The candles are crafted at a convenient size, providing versatility for different mystical applications. Their 3/4" base ensures stability during use.

  • Color Varieties and Energies:

    • Black: Mystery, protection, banishing negativity.
    • Blue: Communication, healing, tranquility.
    • Brown: Grounding, stability, home blessings.
    • Green: Prosperity, growth, abundance.
    • Orange: Creativity, success, joy.
    • Pink: Love, friendship, emotional healing.
    • Purple: Psychic awareness, spiritual power, intuition.
    • Red: Passion, love, courage.
    • White: Purity, clarity, protection.
    • Yellow: Intellect, confidence, clarity.
  • Potent Addition to Magical Practices: Use these candles for various magical purposes, from candle magic and spellwork to rituals and manifestations.

Elevate your mystical endeavors with the 72 Household Candles set, each color offering a unique vibrational frequency to support your intentions. Whether you're seeking protection, love, abundance, or spiritual growth, these candles provide a diverse and potent toolset for your magical journey.

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