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Archangel Camael Love Candle

Archangel Camael Love Candle

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Immerse your space in the warm glow of the Archangel Camael candle, infused with the essence of love. As the archangel of love and compassion, Camael strengthens relationships and fosters deeper connections with family, partners, and friends.

Key Features:

  • Nurture Relationships: Call upon Archangel Camael to nurture and strengthen your relationships. His loving presence helps mend broken hearts, heal emotional wounds, and instill feelings of love, compassion, and kindness in all interactions.

  • Heal Emotional Pain: Camael's gentle energy offers solace and comfort to those experiencing loneliness or despair. His divine love serves as a balm for wounded hearts, bringing healing and restoration to the soul.

  • Open Your Heart: Collaborating with the soothing energy of Rose Quartz, Archangel Camael opens your heart to giving and receiving love. Together, they create a space of peace and harmony where love flows freely, enveloping you in its gentle embrace.

  • Rose Scented: Infused with the delicate fragrance of Rose, this candle creates an atmosphere of love, serenity, and beauty, enhancing your spiritual practice and deepening your connection with Archangel Camael.

  • Long-lasting Burn Time: Encased in a matte-finish glass jar, this candle offers approximately 22 hours of burn time, allowing you to bask in the loving presence of Camael for extended periods.

Illuminate your sacred space with the divine energy of Archangel Camael and let love and compassion fill your heart and soul.

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