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Archangel Mikael Protection Candle

Archangel Mikael Protection Candle

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Empower your space with the formidable shield of the Archangel Mikael candle, infused with the essence of protection and divine guidance. As the captain of all angels and archangels, Mikael serves on God's blue ray, enveloping you in a cloak of unparalleled protection.

Key Features:

  • Divine Guardian: Call upon Archangel Mikael to stand as your steadfast guardian and protector. His commanding presence offers both physical and spiritual protection, shielding you from accidents, crime, psychic aggression, and malevolent entities.

  • Ray of Protection: Mikael's energy emanates from God's blue ray, the ray of protection and divine intervention. His sacred influence surrounds you with a powerful shield of light, warding off negative energies and ensuring your safety and well-being.

  • Comprehensive Protection: Whether you seek protection in the physical realm or defense against spiritual threats, Mikael offers unwavering support and guidance. His divine assistance extends to all aspects of your life, safeguarding you from harm and adversity.

  • Ginger Scented: Infused with the invigorating aroma of Ginger, this candle fills your space with warmth and vitality, enhancing your sense of security and fortitude as you connect with Archangel Mikael.

  • Long-lasting Burn Time: Encased in a matte-finish glass jar, this candle provides approximately 22 hours of burn time, allowing you to bask in the protective embrace of Mikael's energy for extended periods.

Illuminate your sacred space with the radiant energy of Archangel Mikael, and let his divine protection surround you with peace, security, and spiritual fortitude.

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