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Star Household Candle Holder

Star Household Candle Holder

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Introducing the Star Household Candle Holder—a celestial and captivating accessory designed in the image of a seven-pointed Fairy Star. Crafted with a copper/gold-toned finish, this holder adds a touch of magic and enchantment to your candle displays. With a base width of 3 inches, it is specifically designed for taper candles, making it a stylish and mystical addition to your household.

Key Features:

  • Fairy Star Design: The candle holder is crafted in the image of a seven-pointed Fairy Star, infusing your space with magical and celestial energy.

  • Copper/Gold Toned Finish: The captivating copper/gold-toned finish enhances the mystical appeal of the holder, creating a visually striking piece.

  • Taper Candle Compatibility: Designed specifically for taper candles, this holder provides a secure and stylish base for your candles.

  • Base Width of 3 Inches: With a stable base width of 3 inches, this candle holder is suitable for various household settings and altar arrangements.

Elevate the ambiance of your home with the Star Household Candle Holder, allowing the enchanting Fairy Star design to inspire and bring a touch of magic to your everyday rituals.

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