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Goddess Healing Jar Candle

Goddess Healing Jar Candle

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The Goddess Healing Jar Candle, scented with the soothing fragrance of Lavender. This candle invokes the energies of the Goddess, who finds light in darkness, learns and grows from both positive and negative experiences, and encourages those around her to do the same. Lavender, known for its powerful healing properties, promotes emotional balance and calmness, allowing you to connect with your intuition. With an approximate burn time of 90 hours, this candle features beautiful artwork and comes elegantly boxed.

Key Features:

  • Goddess Healing Jar Candle: This candle is a tribute to the Goddess, embodying her qualities of finding light in darkness, growth, and learning from both positive and negative experiences.

  • Lavender Fragrance: Infused with the soothing scent of Lavender, this candle offers powerful healing properties, promoting emotional balance and calmness, and enhancing your connection with intuition.

  • Approximately 90-Hour Burn Time: Enjoy an extended burning experience, allowing the candle to infuse your space with the healing energies of the Goddess and Lavender.

  • Beautiful Artwork: The jar is adorned with captivating artwork, depicting the essence of the Goddess and adding a visual dimension to your sacred space.

  • Boxed Presentation: Packaged in an elegant box, this candle makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift, reflecting the healing and nurturing qualities of the Goddess.

Illuminate your space with the healing energies of the Goddess and the calming fragrance of Lavender. Whether used in rituals, meditation, or to enhance the ambiance of your home, the Goddess Healing Jar Candle serves as a potent and visually stunning tool for those seeking healing, emotional balance, and intuitive connection.

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