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Lailokens Awen's New Moon Candle

Lailokens Awen's New Moon Candle

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Lailokens Awen's New Moon Candle is a candle designed for your New Moon rituals. This candle is crafted to honor the Moon Goddess and is ideal for matters related to beginnings, growth, love, healing, peace, and all aspects associated with the New Moon. Lightly scented with Sandalwood and Rose, this candle enhances the atmosphere of your rituals and spiritual practices.

Key Features:

  • New Moon Scented Spell Candle: Specifically designed for New Moon rituals, this candle is crafted to align with the energies of the Moon Goddess and is suitable for a variety of intentions related to new beginnings, growth, love, healing, and peace.

  • Sandalwood and Rose Fragrance: Lightly scented with the enchanting combination of Sandalwood and Rose, this candle enhances the sensory experience of your rituals, creating a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere.

  • 4" Height: The convenient size of the candle makes it suitable for use in various ritual settings, allowing you to incorporate it seamlessly into your New Moon ceremonies.

Illuminate your New Moon rituals with Lailokens Awen's New Moon Candle. Let the gentle fragrance of Sandalwood and Rose accompany your intentions, creating a sacred space for new beginnings, growth, and the energies associated with the Moon Goddess. Whether used in meditation, spellwork, or to enhance the ambiance of your sacred space, this candle serves as a powerful and beautifully scented tool for your spiritual practices.

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