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Ascension Oracle by Nari Anastarsia

Ascension Oracle by Nari Anastarsia

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In a world undergoing rapid and profound transformation, the Ascension Oracle emerges as a guiding light to support and uplift. This oracle serves as a vital tool to navigate the current era of immense, accelerated change, providing insights and wisdom to help you raise your frequency and adapt to the influx of transformative energy.

Key Features:

  • 36 Transformational Cards: The Ascension Oracle is a collection of 36 cards, each serving as an alchemical medium to assist you in raising your frequency and preparing for the next vibrational world of experience. These cards offer guidance and empowerment in times of transition.

  • For Lightworkers and Seekers: This oracle is specifically designed for lightworkers and those on a journey to raise their vibration with greater ease. It is a beacon of light for those who aspire to fully embody absolute love and embrace transformation.

  • Embrace Change with Grace: The Ascension Oracle acts as your compass through the waves of transformation. It helps you adjust to the influx of energy streaming in and provides you with the tools to navigate change with grace.

This oracle is a valuable resource for those who wish to rise to the challenges of an ever-evolving world and embrace the full embodiment of absolute love. With its 36 cards, it is your companion in the journey of raising your vibration and finding solace and guidance during times of immense change and transition.

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