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Arcane Arcadia

Tarot of the Cat People Deck

Tarot of the Cat People Deck

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Step into the mystical realm of the Tarot of the Cat People, a captivating fusion of science fiction and fantasy that transports you to the mystical Outer Regions, where cats reign supreme. In this distant land, cats are revered, loved, and even obeyed, serving as symbols of wisdom, intuition, and otherworldly power.

Key Features:

  • Otherworldly Setting: Set in the enigmatic Outer Regions, the Tarot of the Cat People invites you to explore a world where cats hold sway, weaving a tapestry of mystery, magic, and fascination.

  • Mystical Connection: Combining science fiction and fantasy, this deck delves into our deep and mystical connection with felines, offering profound insights and intuitive guidance for your spiritual journey.

  • Stunning Artwork: Each card features a full-length portrait of a captivating figure adorned in ornate dress, elaborate jewelry, and majestic headdress, with cats appearing throughout the deck to enhance interpretation and deepen symbolism.

  • Comprehensive Kit: This full-color deck includes 78 cards, each meticulously crafted to evoke the otherworldly atmosphere of the Outer Regions. Accompanied by a 64-page booklet, it offers guidance and interpretation to help you unlock the secrets of the Cat People and harness their ancient wisdom.

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the Tarot of the Cat People and embark on a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and transformation. Whether you're seeking answers to life's mysteries or simply drawn to the allure of feline magic, this deck will illuminate your path and awaken your inner intuition.

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