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Compendium of Witches by Natasa Hincic

Compendium of Witches by Natasa Hincic

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Compendium of Witches is a treasure trove of prophetic guidance inspired by the wisdom of witches and wise women from ages past. This beautifully illustrated oracle kit serves as your compass on a transformative journey of self-reflection. Meticulously researched and brought to life through the exquisite watercolor portraits by Natasa Ilincic, this deck introduces you to thirty fictional practitioners hailing from different corners of the world and spanning various historical eras.

Key Features:

  • 30 Wise Women Cards: The Oracle features 30 captivating cards, each depicting fictional practitioners whose wisdom and magic are drawn from diverse global traditions and historical periods. These cards offer profound insights for your self-reflection and transformation.

  • 30 Magical Symbol Cards: An additional thirty cards showcase magical symbols, such as "Familiar," "Offering," and "Oath." These symbols provide further layers of guidance, allowing you to explore the mystical realms.

  • Exquisite Watercolor Portraits: Natasa Ilincic's meticulous watercolor portraits bring each practitioner and symbol to life, adding a visual dimension to your oracle readings.

  • Practical and Earthly Wisdom: The Compendium of Witches is a practical and worldly addition to any collection, offering wisdom that can be applied to your everyday life.

The Compendium of Witches is a profound tool for self-exploration and personal growth, drawing inspiration from the wisdom of mystical women throughout history. Whether you are seeking to connect with your inner magic or to gain insights from the mystical symbols, this oracle kit is a beautiful and illuminating addition to your spiritual journey.

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