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Arcane Arcadia

Create your own Tarot Deck

Create your own Tarot Deck

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Tarot cards are revered for their profound divinatory abilities and intricate designs, making them true treasures. The "Create Your Own Tarot Deck" empowers you to infuse your personal touch into a set of 78 press-out cards. This kit includes valuable insights into each card's meaning and guidance on interpreting various spreads, including the revered Celtic Cross.

Customizing your deck becomes a meditative journey, deepening your connection with each card's significance. Whether you're a Tarot novice or enthusiast, the coloring exercise introduces you to the Major and Minor Arcana, potentially sparking a lasting fascination with Tarot's insightful wisdom. By the book's conclusion, you'll have not only mastered the fundamentals of Tarot reading but also created your own exquisite, personalized tarot deck.

Includes a 7.75" x 9.5" paperback book, with 32 pages and a set of 78 press-out cards to color.

Get ready to embark on your unique Tarot adventure.

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