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Arcane Arcadia

Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Carr-Gomm & Carr-Gomm

Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Carr-Gomm & Carr-Gomm

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The Druid Animal Oracle Deck is a beautifully illustrated deck inspired by the reverence the Druids held for animals as sacred guides, guardians, and protectors. Drawing from the wellspring of ancient Celtic tradition, this oracle deck offers healing and intuitive knowledge. Through card interpretations and the accompanying lore, seekers can gain powerful insights and receive positive guidance for their future.

The card designs are rooted in the principles of sacred geometry, a science of great importance to the megalith-building pre-Celtic Druids, who extensively used it in the construction of stone circles. Each card incorporates a pentagram, circle, and square, emphasizing the sacred geometry that is deeply connected to Druidic traditions.

The border of each animal card also conveys a message in Ogham, the tree language of the Druids, adding another layer of symbolism and wisdom. The deck is structured in a sequence, starting with the Blackbird at the Gateway, symbolizing beginnings and calling us to adventure and change. Journeying through the Oldest Animals of Stag, Owl, Eagle, and Salmon, we explore a cycle of personal change that leads to empowerment by the four dragons, concluding with the Seal card, representing love and the necessity for choice in a world that is both joyous and challenging.

The guidebook offers insights into twenty-nine animals and four dragons, summarizing Druid, Celtic, and native teachings. Additionally, three blank cards are provided for personal animal symbolism. Whether used as totems or with the oracle system provided by the authors, the Druid Animal Oracle Deck offers positive guidance and a deeper understanding of the inner dynamics behind life's events.

Key Features:

  • 33 Unique Cards: The Druid Animal Oracle Deck features 33 distinctive cards, each representing an animal or symbolic archetype.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook: The 48-page instructional booklet provides interpretations and insights for each card, helping users connect with the wisdom of the Druids.
  • Sacred Geometry: The card designs incorporate sacred geometry, a fundamental element of Druidic traditions.
  • Ogham Messages: The border of each animal card conveys messages in the Druidic tree language, Ogham, adding an additional layer of symbolism and meaning.

The Druid Animal Oracle Deck is a profound tool for those seeking ancient Celtic wisdom and a deeper connection with the natural world. Whether you're drawn to the symbolism of specific animals or wish to explore the guidance offered by the entire deck, this oracle provides a unique and powerful source of insights and inspiration. It can serve as a gateway to understanding the inner workings of life events and offers a perspective deeply rooted in Druidic traditions.

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