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Arcane Arcadia

Fantasy Cats Oracle

Fantasy Cats Oracle

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Prepare to enter a realm of enchantment with Paolo Barbieri's Fantasy Cats Oracle, a mesmerizing creation by the master illustrator himself. With a remarkable blend of elegant realism and ethereal fantasy, this oracle deck unveils a world where charming cats and subtly humorous scenes are brought to life from Barbieri's untamed imagination.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Realism Meets Fantasy: Paolo Barbieri strikes a harmonious balance between the elegance of realism and the ethereal world of fantasy, creating an oracle deck that's as unique as it is enchanting.

  • Surprises Await: Let the cards be your guide to uncovering the delightful surprises that the universe has in store for you, all while immersing yourself in the whimsical world of cats and magic.

  • Mystique of the Feline: The allure and mystique of feline companions are portrayed with lush atmosphere and impeccable detail, making each card a work of art that resonates with magic.

  • A World to Linger In: Once you step into the world of Barbieri's Fantasy Cats Oracle, you'll find it difficult to leave. The unmistakable sense of magic that pervades this deck will captivate your imagination and draw you deeper into its embrace.

  • Compact and Complete: The set is thoughtfully packaged in a 4" x 5 1/4" box and includes 23 cards and an instructional booklet, making it a compact yet comprehensive tool for both beginners and experienced readers.

Paolo Barbieri's Fantasy Cats Oracle is more than just an oracle deck; it's an invitation to explore a world where magic and imagination reign supreme. With each card, you'll be transported to a place of wonder and enchantment. Whether you're seeking guidance or simply looking to be inspired, this deck will be your companion on a journey of surprise and delight. Immerse yourself in the mystical and whimsical world of cats, and let your imagination run wild with the magic that awaits.

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