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Arcane Arcadia

The Goddess Tarot Deck

The Goddess Tarot Deck

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The Goddess Tarot is a unique deck that reinterprets traditional tarot symbolism through the lens of goddess stories and imagery, catering to the contemporary needs of women.

Key Features:

  • Goddess Stories: Each card in the Major Arcana portrays the story of a different goddess, infusing the deck with diverse and empowering narratives.

  • Elemental Correspondences: The Minor Arcana suits are linked to the four elements—earth, air, water, and fire—along with specific goddess associations. Cups are linked to Venus, swords to Isis, pentacles to Lakshmi, and staves to Freyja.

  • Ornate Illustrations: Renowned artist and author Kris Waldherr intricately illustrates the Goddess Tarot with evocative details that breathe new life into traditional tarot imagery.

  • Comprehensive Instruction Booklet: Accompanying the deck is a beautifully written instruction booklet by Kris Waldherr, providing guidance on how to maximize your experience with The Goddess Tarot.

Unlock the wisdom and empowerment of the divine feminine with The Goddess Tarot, hailed by Aeclectic Tarot as "possibly the most beautiful tarot deck ever to be created."

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