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The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura

The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura

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Step into the enchanting realm of the Green Witch with The Green Witch Tarot, a deck that invites you to align with the elements, tap into natural energies, and connect with the ancient wisdom of the old religion. This tarot deck presents witchcraft practices and meaningful encounters with the natural world, enabling you to establish a profound connection with the spiritual beings of nature.

Key Features:

  • Vivid Imagery: The Green Witch Tarot features vivid and evocative imagery, helping you attune with the elements and the natural world, and draw upon the wisdom of the green witch.

  • Comprehensive Guidebook: The set includes a 264-page guidebook designed for easy interpretation, offering insights into the symbolism and energy of each card to assist you in finding the answers you seek.

  • Powerful Symbols: With 78 beautifully illustrated cards, this deck is imbued with powerful symbols that empower your readings and provide energetic wisdom.

  • Nature-Centered Wisdom: The Green Witch Tarot emphasizes the importance of nature, offering you a unique perspective and a deeper connection to the earth's energies.

The Green Witch Tarot is not just a tarot deck; it's a gateway to the world of green witchcraft and the sacred connection between humanity and the natural world. Whether you're an experienced tarot reader or a novice, these cards offer a profound way to explore the energies of the earth and align with the spiritual beings of nature. Let this deck and guidebook be your companions on a journey of spiritual insight and nature-based wisdom.

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