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Lakshmi Blessings Oracle

Lakshmi Blessings Oracle

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Receive specific sacred guidance and powerful blessings from 36 Hindu deities with this beautiful oracle deck. These deities are overseen by Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and good fortune. The deck, designed by Elisabeth Jensen, an award-winning international media psychic and writer, channels specific guidance from each deity, and it includes syntheses of ancient Vedic and Hindu wisdom and mantras, making it a unique and potent card set. The traditional artwork featured on the cards is painted by Jeevanandham, an Indian Hindu temple artist.

Key Features:

  • Hindu Deities: The deck features 36 powerful Hindu deities, each offering specific sacred guidance and blessings.

  • Channeled Guidance: Elisabeth Jensen channels the guidance from each deity, providing you with insights and wisdom.

  • Mantras and Wisdom: The deck includes ancient Vedic and Hindu wisdom and mantras to enhance the depth of your readings.

  • Traditional Artwork: The exquisite artwork is created by Jeevanandham, an Indian Hindu temple artist, adding an authentic and cultural touch to the cards.

Whether you are seeking blessings, guidance, or a deeper connection to Hindu spirituality, this oracle deck is a valuable tool for your spiritual journey. Connect with the wisdom and energy of these powerful deities and receive their sacred guidance as you explore the depths of Vedic and Hindu spirituality.

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