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Magickal Herb Oracle by Darcey & Dandy

Magickal Herb Oracle by Darcey & Dandy

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The Magickal Herb Oracle is a deck that delves into the ancient wisdom and precious secrets of herbs, allowing you to immerse your soul, body, and spirit in the world of nature magick. This deck, meticulously researched by botanical expert and artist Cheralyn Darcey, features thirty-six of the world's most beloved herbs.

Key Features:

  • Botanical Collages: The deck presents each herb in stunning botanical collages created by artist Céline Le Nezet, providing a visual journey into the world of herbs.

  • Magickal and Traditional Uses: Each card offers insights into the magickal, botanical, traditional, and oracular uses of the featured herbs, allowing you to harness their power for rituals and everyday purposes.

  • Oracle Readings: Use the cards to construct traditional oracle readings, seek divine answers, and find guidance and support for a happier and more fulfilled life.

  • Guidebook: The small guidebook included with the deck provides additional information and guidance on working with the herbs and their magickal properties.

The Magickal Herb Oracle is a valuable resource for those interested in herbal magick, traditional wisdom, and oracular guidance. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a novice, this deck provides a gateway to the world of herbs and their magickal properties, allowing you to enrich your spiritual practice and daily life.

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