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Magicians, Martyrs, and Madmen Tarot

Magicians, Martyrs, and Madmen Tarot

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The Tarot of the Witches, Murderers, Saints, Cannibals, and Prophets is a deck designed by Travis McHenry that delves into the deeper meanings of the tarot through the lives and deeds of a diverse array of historical figures. These figures include witches, murderers, saints, cannibals, and prophets. The deck aims to shed light on the valuable lessons we can learn from these individuals who have left their mark on the mind, body, and spirit community.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Representation: The deck strives to be inclusive of all genders, races, cultures, ages, body types, and sexualities by featuring personalities from various places and different times in history.

  • Original Artwork: Each card in the deck features original paintings created by Venezuelan artist Christin Gottberg, capturing the essence of the individual on the card and the tarot card's inherent meanings.

  • Historical and Spiritual Connection: The deck features magic workers and spiritual figures from nearly every continent, allowing readers to connect with personalities who resonate with them.

  • Guidebook: The deck is accompanied by a guidebook that provides insights and interpretations for each card, offering a deeper understanding of the figures and their significance in the tarot context.

This unique and inclusive tarot deck offers a fresh perspective on the tarot, allowing readers to explore the lives and experiences of a wide range of historical figures and connect with the spiritual and occult practices that have shaped the mind/body/spirit community. With 80 cards and a guidebook, it's a valuable resource for those seeking a different approach to tarot reading.

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