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Arcane Arcadia

Making Magick Oracle by Priestess Moon

Making Magick Oracle by Priestess Moon

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The Making Magick Oracle is a deck that delves into the world of symbols and their magickal properties, serving as talismans to attract good luck, prosperity, healing, love, success, and protection from unwanted influences. This deck features a dynamic combination of medieval charms, ancient symbols, alchemical glyphs, and unique sigils channeled by Priestess Moon.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Symbols: The deck includes a wide range of symbols, each designed to influence different aspects of life and spiritual energy.

  • Channelled Sigils: Some of the symbols in the deck are original sigils channeled by Priestess Moon, adding a unique and personal touch to the collection.

  • Divinatory Tool: Use the cards to draw insight, guidance, and influence from these powerful symbols to shape your future and attract positive energies.

  • Guidebook: The deck comes with a guidebook that offers insights and interpretations for each symbol, explaining their meanings and applications.

  • Packaging: Housed in a 5.5" x 5.5" box, the deck contains 36 cards, making it a convenient and portable tool for accessing the power of these symbols.

The Making Magick Oracle is a powerful tool for those interested in working with symbols, talismans, and amulets to enhance various aspects of their lives. Whether you are seeking to attract positive energies or repel negative influences, this deck offers a diverse array of symbols to help you shape your future in a more favorable way.

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