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Master Teacher Crystal Oracle by Rachelle Charman

Master Teacher Crystal Oracle by Rachelle Charman

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The Master Teacher Crystal Oracle is a premium and beautifully designed oracle set that empowers you to become more self-aware, conscious, and grounded in your day-to-day life. It combines the energy of crystals and cards to offer reflections on your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical state, helping you integrate mastery into your life in a meaningful and lasting way.

Key Features:

  • Premium Design: The deck is presented in a premium format with gilded cards, making it a visually stunning and high-quality tool.

  • Master Teacher Crystals: The deck consists of 22 original master teacher crystals, as well as an additional 11 that have been channeled specifically for this oracle.

  • Devas' Wisdom: The devas, or spiritual beings, offer their medicine, wisdom, and guidance through the deck, bringing the cards to life and providing valuable insights.

  • Divine Guidance: The cards offer divine guidance, signs, and clarity for various challenges, situations, or questions, helping you create deeper awareness and healing in your life.

  • Guidebook: The set includes a guidebook that enhances your understanding of the cards and their messages, allowing you to work closely with the devas for the most profound experience.

The Master Teacher Crystal Oracle is a sacred tool that provides guidance and reflection on your life's journey. Whether you seek confirmation, answers, or a deeper connection to your spiritual path, this 3.5" x 5" deck, housed in a premium box, is a valuable resource for self-discovery and empowerment.

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