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Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry

Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry

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The Occult Tarot, created by author and occultist Travis McHenry, delves into the realm of 17th-century daemons and ancient magickal practices. This unique divination set comprises 78 cards that draw on symbols and sigils from grimoires like Archidoxis Magica and the Key of Solomon. Occult Tarot offers a profound exploration of the mystical and the hidden.

Key Features:

  • Solomonic Tradition: Occult Tarot is the first tarot deck to faithfully adhere to the Solomonic principles of demon conjuration, offering a unique and authentic approach to divination.

  • Ancient Magick: The cards in this deck tap into the power of ancient demons and the mysteries of the night, allowing practitioners to connect with and understand the supernatural forces that exist between the physical and spiritual worlds.

  • 78 Divination Cards: The deck contains 78 beautifully illustrated cards that encapsulate the essence of the occult, enabling insightful and transformative readings.

  • Guidebook Included: The set includes a guidebook that provides information and insights into each card, allowing for a deeper understanding of their symbolism and significance.

  • Unique Perspective: Occult Tarot offers a distinct perspective on tarot and divination, making it a valuable addition to the world of occult and mystical practice.

The Occult Tarot opens a gateway to a realm of ancient wisdom and hidden knowledge, allowing practitioners to explore the depths of the mystical and confront the mysteries that reside in the shadows.

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