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Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay

Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay

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The Oracle of the Angels is a beautifully designed and spiritually infused oracle deck that serves as a powerful tool for connecting with the angelic realm and receiving messages of guidance, love, and wisdom. This deck is designed to open the door to your heart and lead you to a place of unconditional love and divine insight.

Key Features:

  • Angelic Guidance: The deck is specifically created for communicating with the angelic realm, allowing you to access the wisdom and guidance of the angels.

  • Light-Infused: Oracle of the Angels is infused with divine light, and both its words and images are meant to illuminate your path and connect you to higher spiritual realms.

  • Heart-Centered: The deck encourages you to open your heart and connect with the messages and insights it offers, promoting a sense of love, trust, and divine guidance.

  • Guidance and Love: Use this oracle to ask your angels for guidance and allow them to guide you to the perfect card that holds the message you need in the present moment.

  • Companion Book: The deck comes with a 64-page book that provides additional insights and information about each card.

  • 44 Cards: The deck contains 44 beautifully designed cards, each carrying its unique message and energy.

Oracle of the Angels is a valuable tool for anyone seeking divine guidance, love, and wisdom. Whether you are experienced in working with angelic energies or are new to the practice, this oracle deck can serve as a source of inspiration and illumination on your spiritual journey.

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