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Pure Magic Oracle by Andres Engracia

Pure Magic Oracle by Andres Engracia

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The Pure Magic Oracle, inspired by Judika Illes' "Pure Magic," is a captivating set designed to help users reconnect with the sacred elements and the healing energies of nature and spirit.

Key features:

  • Elemental Guidance: The cards in this kit serve as a guiding tool to help users reconnect with the divinity of Mother Earth, connect with their ancestors, and form alliances with their spirit guides and allies.

  • Rekindling Passion: The kit is designed to help users rekindle their passion and enthusiasm for life, tapping into the magic and psychic abilities that may have lain dormant.

  • Discovering Purpose: Users can use the cards to explore their life's purpose, gaining clarity and insight into their path and mission.

  • Holistic Tool: The Pure Magic Oracle is a comprehensive and essential tool designed for a lifetime of use, offering 36 cards that provide guidance through various life experiences, from moments of darkness to moments of light.

  • Expansion of Consciousness: By working with this kit, users can open themselves to a higher level of consciousness, a remembrance of infinite possibilities, and a world filled with endless opportunities.

The Pure Magic Oracle serves as a beautiful and empowering resource for connecting with the elemental energies and spiritual realms, offering guidance and insights into various aspects of life and spirituality.

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