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Arcane Arcadia

Raven's Wand Oracle by Steven Hutton

Raven's Wand Oracle by Steven Hutton

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Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the Raven's Wand Oracle, inspired by Steven Hutton's renowned Dark Raven Chronicles Trilogy. This captivating oracle deck draws its inspiration from the tale of a mysterious black wand, the courageous young Kolfinnia, whose destiny is entwined with the preservation of witchcraft, and the wise old witch Valonia, who imparts the profound wisdom that the mind shapes reality.

In the enchanting realm of the Wildwood coven, you will encounter a cast of intriguing witches, each with their unique gifts and life lessons to share. Meet Rhia Winsome, who bestows her creative energy, Ada Crabbe, the seasoned gardener, Oceana, and the dragon twins Hethra and Halla. Each member of this eclectic coven has invaluable insights to offer.

Key Features:

  • Rich and Vivid Artwork: The Raven's Wand Oracle boasts stunning and evocative artwork that immerses you in the enchanting world of witchcraft, creating a deep connection to the cards.

  • Heartfelt Messages: Each card carries heartfelt messages and insights, providing guidance and inspiration on your personal journey.

  • A Profound Journey: This oracle invites you to explore the profound wisdom of witchcraft, enabling you to tap into the power of the mind and the magic that surrounds you.

  • Steven Hutton's Legacy: Rooted in the Dark Raven Chronicles Trilogy, this oracle deck is a tribute to the legacy of Steven Hutton, offering a unique opportunity to delve into the mystical world he created.

Allow Raven's Wand Oracle to guide you through a world of magic, mystery, and self-discovery, where every card holds the key to unlocking hidden insights and embracing the wisdom of witchcraft.

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