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Simplicity Tarot by Emilie Mufliz

Simplicity Tarot by Emilie Mufliz

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In the spirit of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot, the Simplicity Tarot offers a refreshing perspective. Its uncluttered and uplifting watercolor imagery is designed to help readers focus on the core meanings and concepts of the cards. Tailored with the novice tarot learner in mind, this delightful deck features keywords conveniently displayed on the card faces, making reference and interpretation a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Familiar Art with a Twist: The Simplicity Tarot builds upon the Rider-Waite tradition, offering a fresh and uncomplicated interpretation of the classic imagery. It provides a clear and approachable entry point for beginners.

  • Keywords for Quick Reference: The inclusion of keywords on the card faces makes it easier than ever to grasp the fundamental meanings of each card, allowing for quick and intuitive readings.

  • Comprehensive Guidebook: The 100-page guidebook is a valuable resource that introduces readers to both upright and reversed meanings of the cards. It also provides clear instructions for several card spreads, aiding in your tarot journey.

  • Expanded Insight: The 80-card deck comes with two additional cards, offering further depth and insight for your readings. These additional cards enhance the range of possibilities in your tarot practice.

The Simplicity Tarot invites you to explore the world of tarot with a fresh perspective, making it accessible for beginners and experienced readers alike. Its clear and uncluttered imagery, combined with keyword references, ensures that you can dive into the world of tarot with ease. Let this charming deck and guidebook be your trusted companions on your tarot learning journey.

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