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Spirit of the Animals Oracle

Spirit of the Animals Oracle

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This extraordinary oracle deck by Jody Bergsma invites you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual insight. With 51 Animal Spirit Cards, a Personal Choice Card, a 116-page illustrated Guidebook, and a Power Animals Spread Sheet, this set offers a magnificent opportunity to connect with and understand the medicine of 51 unique animal helpers.

Key Features:

  • 51 Animal Spirit Cards: Each card introduces you to a different animal helper and the powerful medicine they bring. These animals serve as guides on your spiritual path, offering wisdom, support, and clarity.

  • Personal Choice Card: The deck includes a Personal Choice Card that allows you to draw an animal spirit that resonates with you at any given moment, offering personalized guidance and insight.

  • Comprehensive Guidebook: The 116-page illustrated Guidebook provides in-depth descriptions of each animal spirit, their symbolism, and the wisdom they bring. It serves as a valuable resource for interpreting your readings and deepening your connection with the animal helpers.

  • Power Animals Spread Sheet: The spread sheet assists you in conducting Power Animals spreads, offering a structured approach to gaining insight and guidance from your chosen animal spirits.

  • Box Contents: The set is presented in a 6.5" x 4.25" box, making it convenient to store and transport, ensuring you can access the wisdom of these animal helpers whenever you need it.

Jody Bergsma's Oracle is your gateway to discovering the profound medicine and spiritual insights offered by 51 unique animal helpers. These cards offer guidance, support, and wisdom, serving as companions on your spiritual journey. Explore the beauty of animal medicine and embark on a transformative quest for self-discovery.

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